Workshops and Programmes

In association with Comodex Horseman Leadership, I am involved in the development and facilitation of workshops and programmes that focus on the following:

  • Leadership and Communication Development
  • Self-Development and Holistic Wellbeing
  • Couples Enrichment
  • Parenting Preparation and Parenting-Style Development

The workshops all consist of a theoretic component, making use of practical and interactive presentation methods, followed by an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) component. This section is unique and offers participants an exciting, valuable and memorable experience. It is based on experiential learning principles using horses as the tool to create impact and ultimately long-term learning and meaningful application. Participants will work with horses in close proximity, interact with them and ultimately learn from them – in essence, the horses become the teachers in this part of the program. There is no horse riding involved in this process and no previous horse-related experience necessary.

These workshops are applicable and suitable to corporate groups, scholars, students and private groups in any sectors and spheres of life.

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Upcoming Workshops

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