Corporate Workshops

Ilé is a director at Coreformation – a business aimed at helping companies reach their strategic goals by means of assessments and interventions. A company is essentially a system where all the parts need to function effectively and interact effectively to reach the overall goal. At Coreformation we are not business specialists, we are people specialists, but we have yet to come across a business that does not rely on people to be successful.

Difficulties Addressed

• Depression and low mood
• Anxiety (general anxiety, performance anxiety, specific phobias)
• Adjustment difficulties and preparation for change
• Self-esteem difficulties
• Trauma
• Bereavement
• Self-development
• Performance improvement (sport)
• Eating related difficulties
• Anger related difficulties
• Difficulties related to sexual orientation
• Relationship problems
• Stress
• Burnout

Approaches may include:

Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA)
Mindfulness Acceptance Commitment Therapy (MAC)
Medical Hypno-Analysis (MHA)
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Person Centered Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy