About Me

I believe that within every human being is the need to feel loved, accepted and protected. Unfortunately these needs are not always fulfilled early on in life, and consequently this may lead to problems later on as the individual interacts with himself/herself, others and the environment. These problems may also then get carried over into relationships and may even be carried over to generations to follow.

My aim is to help individuals to come to terms with unmet needs and losses and to empower them to form new beliefs and perceptions about themselves and the world they live in. To  enable them to live fully and be free from underlying emotional trauma and defence mechanisms that are hindering them from living a happy and fulfilling life.

I have found that EMDR has been very effective in addressing unresolved trauma and negative self-perceptions and I therefore often make use of this therapeutic technique.

I am also particularly interested in the interactional patterns of individuals, as well as the effects of communication styles on relationships and personal well-being. As a human being it is impossible to NOT communicate – everything we do communicates a message, even if we are completely oblivious of the messages we are communicating. As individuals we do not only interact with family, friends, partners and colleagues, we also interact with ourselves internally as well as our environments externally. These interactions influence our general well-being to a great extent and therefore remain an important and pragmatic focus point during therapy processes, as well as the workshops and programmes I am involved with.

As part of my Masters degree, I focused on Sport Psychology and completed my thesis on this subject. I have a keen interest to work with athletes from all levels and help them to perform to the best of their ability. I have worked with athletes from amateur to professional level – national and international competitors. I participated in various kinds of sports throughout my life and enjoy an active lifestyle.

I work with individuals, couples, adolescents (from 14 years old) as well as athletes.

“We can all make the world a better place through the moment-to-moment decisions we make as we interact with people.”

– Morton Shaevitz